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About this website

This website.

You are probably how it came to be.

Basically, I wanted to make my Neocities webpage, but don't know too much CSS and Javascript.

Here, I can just say that it isn't supported, and focus on the text side of things... unless Gemini starts supporting some graphical stuff later on.

I explained it better in the earlier version this main page, but it was so much text that I am not sure if it was pleasant to read, so I'll wait like a week, read it again, and if I still like it, I will upload it. Not now though, because if I did, that would make this page the longest index.gmi in the entire


That could be a good thing though.

I don't know, I haven't really been making personal websites, maybe I'll just ask someone who knows about this, some kind of personal website master.

Cool links:


Really good digimon wiki I recommend

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